Filter Pumper
Fluid Transfer Solutions
Five Gallon Pump
w/ Hose
Five Gallon Bucket Filter Pumper with six foot hose, brass fittings and cap

Five Gallon Pump
w/ Hose

The Filter Pumper was designed for five gallon buckets and pails, whether metal or plastic.

Seals to the bucket to prevent spills.

Pumps in both directions, moves fluids twice as fast.

Pump five gallons in about two and a half minutes even through a filter.

Handle lock prevents side to side motion during use.

The six foot hose is made from top quality gas/oil resistance tubing with brass fittings.

For use with petroleum based or synthetic oils.

Pumps many viscosities: hydraulic fluid; motor oil; transmission fluid; 80/90 weight gear lubes; and turbine oils.

Filter Pumper products are hand assembled in Days Creek, Oregon, USA to ensure top quality.