Filter Pumper
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Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Five Gallon Pump
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Five Gallon Bucket Filter Pumper with a six foot hose, plastic fittings, and D10 accessory with cap

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Five Gallon Pump

The Diesel Exhaust Fluid Filter Pumper was designed for nearly all five gallon buckets or pails.

The hand made D10 accessory comes attached to this pump’s hose and includes a cap and a ball valve shut off.

All machinery, equipment, or vehicles that use diesel exhaust fluid can be filled with ease using the Filter Pumper.

The six foot hose is made from top quality gas/oil resistance tubing, it will remain flexible even in cold temperatures.

Filter Pumper products are hand assembled in Days Creek, Oregon, USA to ensure top quality.